Gregorio Ugaz


As the hours draw closer to morning on a typical Miami night, a popular dance club still jumps to the fast paced rhythm of techno music. In the middle of the body twisting crowd, Cathy loses herself to the trance on the dance floor. Her friend Raul accompanies her until Cathy decides to leave.

Hours later, Cathy drops Raul home as the first rays of the sun make their appearance. Moments later when Cathy is making a left turn, a speeding car violently slams into her car. She passes away instants later.

On the other side of the Coast, Manny who has been Cathy's best friend since High School receives the news of the tragic accident. Immediately he packs his stuff and begins his long drive from Los Angeles to Miami. The sight of a High School building triggers the first flashbacks down memory lane.

Manny remembers having with his good friend Daniel a shared hostility towards a teacher who pairs him up with Cathy on an assignment much to their disdain. Their first experiences working together for this project ignites a certain chemistry between them as they learn more about each other. But everything tumbles down as Manny defiantly brings illegal paraphernalia to school for the project. This doesn't sit well with Cathy who decides to end their partnership.

While filling his gas tank on a gas station, Manny sees a teen couple who reminds him of Cathy with a High School boyfriend. Their Senior schedule brings them together again when they notice their various shared classes. This time their friendship hits new levels as they get closer. They share their secrets, love disillusions and future dreams. They even inspire each other.

When one of Cathy's closest relatives dies, Manny shows up big and they have a memorable night at a popular fair. This night proves to be the defining moment of their life long sworn friendship.

When Manny arrives at Miami, he finds his brain still reliving his moments with Cathy. Their friendship walks a fine line while they try to cope with their own respective love life. They both reach a sensitive moment after breaking up with their relationships. Cathy and Manny make love one night helping only to add a certain confusion and many thoughts of what if situations.

After four months without seeing each other, they both have life defining news. Manny gets an internship in Los Angeles while Cathy gets her long awaited residency papers and the chance to finally go to College.

The day of the body viewing, Manny learns the details of her accident and the reason she went out dancing. Cathy had just broken off her engagement without apparent reason. The funeral is emotional ridden for Manny and all the persons present. He then finds out Cathy kept a diary where all their stories were written. He realizes once more how important he was to Cathy as he reads a complete chapter dedicated to him.

In front of Cathy's grave, Manny fulfills a promise as he says his last words. Manny brings closure to himself as he mounts a ride he should have ridden with Cathy years ago.

Copyright 2005 Gregorio Ugaz
All Rights Reserved