Kathy Coudle King

1970. The Hebert family hits bottom when they arrive home to discover they've been evicted. They move into the Polka Dot Motel where Dad comes up with a scheme involving the production and packaging of dried shrimp all from their motel bedroom.

The parents' boozing and brawling continues, and when the eldest son, Edison, is drafted the future seems bleak for his little brother, ten-year old Charlie. Edison builds him a rocket ship fueled purely by imagination. The rocket becomes a kid magnet, and soon Charlie has new friends and the confidence to stand up to the school bullies.

Things might just work out for this kid. Then . . . Edison goes MIA. The parents dive into their respective bottles, leaving Charlie to retreat to his rocket. A fire starts, and in a surreal scene in a place somewhere between Heaven and Earth, Charlie meets a brother now dead. Edison gives Charlie his St. Christopher medal and encourages Charlie to return to their family who truly love and need him. 

In a daring rescue, Charlie is saved by his father, and in the final scene, the family watches as Tom Dempsey, a guy with half a foot, kicks the longest field goal in NFL history. The medal glints around Charlie's neck as he cheers on his hero. Miracles can happen; you just have to believe.

Copyright 2004 Kathy Coudle King
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