Jud Richards

People watch professional sports on television and witness the glamour and the million dollar contracts being handed out. They are never really exposed to the behind the curtain circus which can occur in an athleteís life. 

Every year millions of athletes around the world put themselves on the line to make it to the professional ranks in sport. Athletes dedicate their childhood and sacrifice everything for a chance to make it to the show. As time goes by, millions filter out of the system and the best of the best are left to battle for supremacy. 
As early as he could remember, Kelly Miller had a dream to one day have his name on the back of a professional team jersey. As a highly ranked draft pick on the best team in junior hockey, he would finally receive his opportunity to make it. As it would turn out, Kelly enters into a world he could never imagine. 

The Rookie Chronicles is a true story of the rise and fall of a highly ranked junior hockey playerís rookie experience. Unlike the traditional sports movie that depicts the climb from despair to victory, The Rookie Chronicles is the first film to truly portray the harsh reality of amateur and professional sports. The viewer is brought into a world of disturbing initiations, sex and politics in a year that snuffed a young manís NHL career.

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