Joe Nowlin & Patrick Y. Malone

Ryan Anderson is angry. Angry at his abusive father, his neglectful mother, and everyone that sees him as different. He and his mother, Judy, escape from a terrible situation in D.C., only to find themselves in the unknown and possibly worse situation. In the predominantly white Oregon town, they are the outsiders, not to be trusted or accepted. Judy falls back into her pattern of poor choices, which continue to directly affect Ryan.

Already on a fast track to a dead-end life, Ryan is forced to deal with Rodney Bell, his new mentor. Rodney is young, idealistic, and stubborn- all of which make Ryan even more determined to make the wrong choices. Through Rodney’s perseverance, we learn the motivation behind his unwillingness to let Ryan fail. Will Ryan’s distrust of everyone ultimately lead to his failure? Can Rodney break through Ryan’s wall, and show him that the choices you make will determine your future?

Copyright 2004 Joe Nowlin and Patrick Y. Malone
All Rights Reserved