Damilola Olorunnisola and Gaba Ado

Daniel Parish – a blind untrained piano virtuoso – moves to America, urged by a fortuitous encounter that promises him the glory he seeks in the City of New York. That is until a series of misfortunes, the least of which is not his cripple, comes to boil, thrusting him into that proverbial rock bottom, where he has come to loathe his life and worse, the person responsible for the tragedy that is his life. 

The question , however, remains, is it his sister, Sara, whose ravishing beauty and resilient love may prove too great a burden for him to bear, or his brother, Nathan, whose jealousy and hatred of him has been since their beginning? Or worse yet, is it some other who was yet to be revealed? 

Soon, unable to accept his woes in silence any longer, he goes to confront his nemesis- a move that does not go unanswered with a response that proves fatal, if not final. This sets the stage for the Second Act, where Daniel now finds himself in an unfamiliar world, on a pilgrimage into the deeper, darker, recesses of one of life’s greatest mysteries, where he will finally find answers to the incessant questions that have plagued most of his life, guided by the wisdom of one man- his hero and one of history’s greatest piano virtuosos- Sir Ludwig Van Beethoven. 

And this segues into the Final Act, where the strength of Sara’s love for him will be pitted against her humanity and love for Nathan, while the fate of Daniel’s dark genius and his faith in the government of God will interwreathe into a provocative and explosive jostle between the heart and the mind, and indeed between life and death!

Copyright 2004 Damilola Olorunnisola and Gaba Ado
All Rights Reserved