Winchel Aubourg

"Mahogany Ice„ tells the story of a young hustler who befriends a wise African, and the extremely lucrative opportunity that presents its self as a result of this relationship.

LUCKY, a young hustler from the ghettos of Boston and FORAY, a native of the Sierra Leone meet in prison. A student-mentor relationship develops, and throughout this relationship Foday teaches Lucky the ins and outs of the lucrative diamond trade. Foday's access to low-priced diamonds in the Sierra Leone can ultimately become Lucky's gateway to a life without crime.

This story really depicts a hustler's inner battle between the lure of the streets and a righteous path, while exposing us to the Sierra Leonean "conflict" and the exploitation of Africans in the diamond mines of Africa. These two opposite worlds unite in this gritty, street tale.

Copyright 2004 Winchel Aubourg
All Rights Reserved