Janet stilson

A story of mystery and suspense, Jaguar Trail is written in the smoldering
tradition of Body Heat and Against All Odds.

Revenge is the obsessive desire of Colby Kite, an investigative reporter,
after he becomes the fall guy in a con game that takes place on a horse-farm
estate outside New York City. He is left with a prison record and a ruined

Colby discovers that the woman who destroyed him has bilked a series of
wealthy men over the years by reinventing herself countless times. He
receives a tip about where she's hiding, and travels to a lush, dangerous
jungle to find her.

When Colby arrives in the rain forest, there's only one place to stay for
miles around, the Monroe Hotel (which actually exists in Costa Rica). It
features a bar decorated with Marilyn Monroe paraphernalia and a resident
scarlet macaw. And it serves a clientele of latter-day hippies, fallen
yuppies, and other dropouts from mainstream America.

Among the guests is a nosey photographer named Shut Up, who is more than a
little suspicious when Colby insists he's just in town for some rest and
relaxation. For Colby, the biggest attraction at the hotel by far is Bella,
who serves as both hotel manager and bartender.

Colby finds the swindler, who now calls herself Liana, in an isolated lodge
that's located on Jaguar Trail. As he plots his moves, Colby becomes aware
that Bella has her own reasons for wanting to destroy Liana -- and that the
two women are both searching for a mysterious treasure.

Colby's relationship with the two women becomes increasingly charged as a
series of deaths occur that cannot possibly be mere flukes of nature.

In the gripping conclusion, Liana reveals her relationship to Bella and her
capacity for love -- and in the process, destroys herself. Jaguar Trail's
erotic chemistry, dangerously beautiful scenery, and ever-deepening mystery
provide potent chemistry for worldwide audience appeal.

Copyright 2004 Janet Stilson
All Rights Reserved