Howard Rothschild

A father chases his dream ........ An ordinary family in extraordinary circumstances 
........ A little girl touches magic ........

+ 1 heaping scoop of humor = recipe for “Forty Love”

You have to love Max Dimmer. The forty-eight-year old’s lust for life is contagious, his energy undeniable. 

Once a ranked college tennis player, Max is still exuberant about the game........any sport for that matter. He is an incorrigible jock and a chronic gambler. You name it, he’ll bet on it. 

Between recreational activities Max makes a living selling giftware. His outrageous pitches shock clients.

Max’s wife, Lois, takes his idiosyncrasies in stride. Creative, busy with her own career, Lois’ hobby is studying Native American myths and cultures.

Max and Lois share concern for their six-year-old daughter Beckie. Beckie mimics sounds and occasionally mumbles single words, but does not speak. Curiously, as awkward as she is with people, her affinity to nature is little short of remarkable. She communes with animals in strange and wondrous ways. 

Lois’ interests take the family to Sedona where they encounter Joe, a native Shaman. Joe exercises supernatural powers when Beckie’s life is threatened. Max wonders whether the same charms can improve his tennis. Amazingly, his wish is granted!

Max becomes a sensation beating opponents half his age in a surprising quest to win the U.S. Open. America boards the “Dimmer train,” but Max’s phenomenal exploits wreak havoc at home. 

Each triumph creates greater complications. Max’s euphoria evaporates when he realizes that victory is not assured. 

Inexplicably, Beckie is the barometer of all that transpires. 

Who will win? Family? Fame and fortune? Or both?

Copyright 2004 Howard Rothschild
All Rights Reserved