Richard Severy

When Gina Corbett's Mustang breaks down she can ill afford a big repair bill. She is unemployed with a teen daughter and going through a divorce. It's only the thermostat, but Axelrod's garage stiffs her. They bill her for a new radiator and switch her engine for an inferior one. When Gina finds out she goes wild, spraying the entire garage and the owner George Axelrod with red car paint.

She is ordered to pay compensation and do Community Service or job training. She elects to do an Auto-Mechanics course, determined never to be made a fool of again.
On the course she meets Martina, another would-be female mechanic, and upon graduation they set up an all-female garage. Their pink garage complete with 'While-U-Wait' massage parlor/hair salon/creche etc, soon threatens to put Axelrod's out of business. George and a crony disguise themselves as women and get jobs at 'Fixit Chix' to sabotage the operation. Gina rumbles them and they're fired.

George's business continues to slide, but his cousin, Sheriff Cody, weighs in by disrupting Gina's supplies, and framing her on a toxic waste rap. But George has been changed by his experience as a 'woman' . Also he is strongly attracted to Gina. He begins to have doubts but it is out of his hands. Gina retaliates by persuading the women of the town to go on a 'sex strike'. She calls a Protest March for the 4th of July Parade.

Sheriff Cody is furious with the women for hijacking the parade and turns the fire-hoses on them. George forcibly stops him and publicly 

The sex strike is called off and conflict turns to celebration.
George closes his garage and opens a restaurant.

Copyright 2004 Richard Severy
All Rights Reserved