Constance Kopriva

Pregnant, bored, and feeling unattractive, Lizzie takes her best friend, Laura, shopping at Home Depot. For a thrill, they shoplift.

Laura, married too, is tired of her husband Michael's unreasonable demands, and takes Lizzie on a "last hurrah before the baby comes" trip to Vegas. Lizzie wins big at the slots and wins big at love. The stranger is French, handsome, and very attentive.
She falls fast and hard. 

Her life back in LA is turned upside down. The French man comes for a visit and makes Lizzie realize what she is missing; true love.

Lizzie tells husband, Adam, about the affair and the two decide to stay married for the sake of their new baby.

It's a tough road that bends and turns and ends up in divorce. But not quite.

Lizzie won't give full or partial custody to Adam and thinks the only way she can have it all is if she leaves with baby Emily and a ticket to France. 

Federal crime: Kidnapping.

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