Gregory A. Lewis

BRIAN MCGREGOR is a talented baseball player from small town, small college Kansas. There, he's discovered by a Los Angeles Dodger scout, JOHN BURKLE, who realizes he's found a diamond in the rough and the next great Dodger superstar.

Later that evening, a large twister hits the area. Brian's family home is obliterated, taking with it the life of John Burkle, the Dodger scout interested in Brian. With all his dreams and hopes dashed, and his family in despair, Brian and his best friend, WILLIS ARMSTRONG, decide to travel to Los Angeles to persuade Dodger management to give him an opportunity to display his unique talent.

Brian and Willis quickly learn that small town Kansas is nothing like big city Los Angeles. They finally get their foot in the door with the Director of Player Operations, MARK WARNER, who, with the urging of Willis, gives Brian one shot to prove himself.

In the meantime, Brian saves the life of a man and becomes romantically involved with his daughter, CELIA COLE. They fall in love and seem perfect for one another.

Just prior to the all important tryout, Brian injures himself but decides to tryout anyway. While hiding his injury, he fails badly and loses all chance of playing baseball for the Dodgers.

Celia wants him to stay in Los Angeles to work for her father, a wealthy businessman. Brian is torn between his love for baseball and his love for Celia. Willis pleads with Brian, saying baseball is his one true love and that it's been his dream all his life. Brian's decision to choose baseball ultimately prevails.

On their way back to Kansas, Willis stops in Las Vegas. He sees an advertisement for the Las Vegas 51's, the Triple AAA Dodger farm team that play there. With Brian asleep, Willis drives to the ball park. Dodger hopefuls, along with Mark Warner, are present. Willis manages to get Brian up to the plate where he is finally able to show his powerful and unique talent.

Brian goes on to become a Dodger player and team hero. With Celia by his side.

Copyright 2004 Gregory A. Lewis
All Rights Reserved