LeeAnna Neumeyer

LAURA WELLS is an innocent looking, yet exceptionally bright, 19 year old 
drug dealer with a thirst for knowledge. She sneaks into classes at Columbia 
University where she catches the attention of FRANK OTTERMAN, a tired, 
middle-aged professor of English.

Laura's best friend is SHOOTER, a reckless 20-year old drug user. Together 
they deliver cocaine and heroin, stashed inconspicuously in Laura's backpack, 
for BENNY, a dangerously out of control drug kingpin. Under the caring wing 
and watchful eye of NELSON, a burned-out dealer and Benny's right- hand man, 
Laura is warned that sneaking into classes will only lead to serious trouble. 

Frank tries to learn more about Laura who has brought back a hopeful outlook 
to his otherwise painful existence since his wife is in the hospital with 
brain damage and his son is dead. When he discovers Laura is not enrolled at 
Columbia, she leads him on, under the assumption that she is unable to afford 
tuition, but asks to remain in his class. Flattered, he allows her to stay. 

Over time, he sees her potential grow, and asks the dean to give Laura a 
scholarship. The dean will consider her if she aces the mid-term and final exams. 
Wanting her to succeed, Frank offers to tutor Laura. During a mock exam, 
Laura asks about Frank's son. Frank tells her a police officer mistook him for 
a drug dealer one night, and he was shot and killed. Horrified, Laura 
confronts Shooter and finds out she was the one the police meant to shoot that 

Unable to face Frank, she ditches the mid-term, but shows up after to confess 
about her life as a drug dealer. Frank hasn't time to listen and urges her 
to take the exam, which she aces. Frank decides to surprise Laura by putting 
her test results in her backpack. When he opens it, he finds cocaine and 
heroin. Frank confronts Laura, and she confesses everything. Disappointed, Frank 
leaves her alone to fend for herself.

Several days later, as Benny is preparing for a big drug deal, Shooter tells 
him Laura made friends with Frank and can't be trusted. Benny stabs and kills 
Shooter to put fear into Laura. Meanwhile, Frank's wife dies from a brain 
aneurysm. Laura goes to his house and finds Frank drunk and sullen. She 
apologizes for everything, and Frank, wanting to save her, encourages her to leave 

The next day, Benny is in a rage since Laura has not shown up for the drug 
deal, and decides to use Frank instead. The police arrive from a tip made by 
Laura. When Laura arrives, she sees Benny walking out with Frank, a gun held at
Frank's back. She runs after Benny hoping to stop him. Benny's gun goes 
off and Frank is shot. The police shoot and kill Benny. 

Months later, Laura steps out of a lecture hall and opens her backpack. It's 
now filled with books. Seeing Frank, she tells him she aced the final and 
will be returning to Columbia in the fall with a full scholarship

Copyright 2004 LeeAnna Neumeyer
All Rights Reserved