Nick Viaz

A graduate student, Sebastian, experiments with past-life regression, using his friends as guinea pigs. Wanting to prove that the human soul exists and is reincarnated through many lives, he hypnotizes his friends in a way that allows them to see visions from their distant past. But after one skeptical friend, Blake, has a bad experience, they all begin to have uncontrolled flashbacks to their previous lives, which always end in a violent death. Concerned by what is happening to them, the group pushes Sebastian to put things right.

Concern quickly turns to terror when Sebastian’s girlfriend, Risa, is found dead. She was murdered in a similar way to how another friend, Jeremy, described a death in one of his flashbacks. Although the authorities don’t know what the group has been up to, the friends know that one of them has to be the murderer. Somehow a past character is taking over while they’re asleep and committing these acts. Sebastian tries to control the situation with more research, but paranoia makes everyone separate and hide out from each other.

But by the next morning, Jeremy is murdered in the same way that Risa was, and all who are left are Sebastian, Blake, and Blake’s former girlfriend, Alyson. As the police become more suspicious of Sebastian, Sebastian discovers something startling: all the flashbacks they’ve been having are linked. All five of the friends were at the same place and time one hundred years earlier – and every one of them was murdered on the same night. They were all doctors at a mental institution in Ireland except for one – Blake’s character was a patient there who escaped and went on a murder spree, killing all who tormented him.

As Sebastian tries to corner Blake and protect Alyson, their past memories begin to bleed into their conscious and the truth of what happened in the past becomes clearer. Soon no one is sure who they are as their destinies intertwine and a deranged entity acts out on a century-old grudge.

Copyright 2004 Nick Viaz
All Rights Reserved