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Hollywood and New York Designate Vice Presidents
LOS ANGELES-- On Monday, September 30, the Hollywood and New York Divisions of the National Board of Directors of the Screen Actors Guild voted on several key officials and committee members.

Mike Farrell was elected 1st vice president from Hollywood and will serve with 2nd vice president Eileen Henry from the New York Division. A third vice president will be elected from the regional branches.

The Hollywood and New York Divisions also elected the following representatives to serve on the National Executive Committee with President Melissa Gilbert, Treasurer Kent McCord and Recording Secretary Elliott Gould: Mike Farrell, Amy Aquino, James Cromwell, William Schallert, Trista Delamere, Barbara Bosson, Morgan Fairchild, Noah Wyle, Vivicca Whitsett, Bruce Boxleitner, Suzanne Cryer, Eileen Henry, Paul Christie, Maureen Donnelly, Mike Hodge, Sue-Anne Morrow and Cynthia Vance. Alternates to the NEC are Tom Bosley, Mitchell Ryan, Kevin Kilner, Jack Coleman, Jane Kaczmarek, Shelley Fabares, Robert David Hall, Peter Onorati, Mariette Hartley, Paul Petersen, Marcia Strassman, and Esai Morales. Names of the New York NEC alternates were not available at time of this release. 

The Hollywood and New York Division members of the AFTRA-SAG Relations Taskforce are Melissa Gilbert (Chair), Mitchell Ryan, James Cromwell, Kevin Kilner, Barbara Bosson, Maureen Donnelly and John Fleming. Alternates are Morgan Fairchild, Bruce Boxleitner and KJ Sanchez. 

Tom Bosley and Yale Summers with continue their seats on the SAG Foundation and will be joined by Eugene Frances, John McGuire and Noah Wyle. 

Vivicca Whitsett, Paul Petersen and Mike Hodge were voted to seats on the IACF Board. 

Regional branches are expected to elect their committee members before the SAG national board meets in plenary next weekend. 
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